Under the banner of Ambiguous Fiddle, two friends from West Cork, Ireland use film to document artists’ stories and performance in a way that compliments the performer, yet tugs the viewer to look in through new angles on the craft and persona of each artist.

With a strong belief that the stars are truly underground, the pair are dedicated to creating a level playing field for emerging artists by providing industry level videos and showcasing them alongside established artists such as, Ireland’s Glen Hansard, Australia’s Mama Kin, Canada’s Mo Kenney, Scotland’s Rachel Sermanni, and America’s Rachel Ries.

Inspired by the world of documentary, their unique approach to music videos has garnered them praise from respected media outlets at home and abroad such as The New York Times, Today Fm, Exclaim Magazine, RTE, DeBarras Folk Club among others.

‘Ambiguous Fiddle Media have helped me to visually document the magic that happens in DeBarra’s on a daily basis. and that is no easy task. Through their creativity they have given voice to this one hundred and fifty year old building, through their attention to detail they have recorded unforgettable moments from gigs & through their passion they have captured that intangible connection between audience & artist.

Thanks to Sean & Chris Ambiguous Fiddle Media have given the bricks and mortar of DeBarras, (already heavy with history and tradition), an accurate online identity ensuring that this famous little venue’s musical reputation continues to travel far beyond the confines of our West Cork Location. ‘  – – – Ray Blackwell, DeBarra’s Folk Club