Rose Cousins


Filmed back in 2015 whilst in Kansas City. A trip that started at Folk Alliance and from there we began shivering and hugging our way through the MidWest. When we weren’t shaking too violently, we were lucky enough to film some amazing people, places & things. One such person; Rose Cousins, asked us to capture this beautiful performance, recorded live w/ an ensemble of over 20 musicians incl. Jenn Grant, Dietrich Strause Kristin Andreassen Edie Carey, Zachariah Hickman, Miranda Mulholland, Clare Reynolds, Jordie Lane, Mel Parsons, Natalia Zukerman, Andy Bullhorn, Laura Cortese, The Stray Birds, Mark Erelli, Daniel Ledwell, Robby Hecht, Brandy Zdan Rachel Ries.