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We offer many options to capture your live performances all the way from pre-production to post-production. Below you can see our most popular video package deals, ranging from fairly simple setup shots with one camera all the way up to shooting high quality 4k footage with multiple cameras and cinematic lighting.

DSLR Package

per month
  • Resolution: HD
  • Low Light Performance: Fair
  • Lighting: In-House
  • Camera Operators: 1
  • Static Cameras: 0
  • Total Cameras: 1
  • Camera Movement: No
  • Sound: Stereo from Camera
  • Titles: Basic
  • Colour Grade: B&W or No Grade
  • Edit: Basic Tweaks
  • Photos: No
  • Performance Analysis: No

Full Frame Package

per month
  • Resolution: Ultra HD
  • Low Light Performance: Very Good
  • Lighting: In-House
  • Camera Operators: 1
  • Static Cameras: 1
  • Total Cameras: 2
  • Camera Movement: No
  • Sound: Desk Mixed Room Mics
  • Titles: Selection of Fonts
  • Colour Grade: Basic Colour Correction
  • Edit: Basic 2 Camera Edit
  • Photos: No
  • Performance Analysis: No

Cinematic Package

per month
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Low Light Performance: Superb
  • Lighting: Cinematic
  • Camera Operators: 2
  • Static Cameras: 2
  • Total Cameras: 4
  • Camera Movement: Slider & Camera Tracking
  • Sound: Multi Tracked & Song Mixed
  • Titles: Custom Designed Titles
  • Colour Grade: Cinematic Colour Grade
  • Edit: Cinematic
  • Photos: Uncompressed High Res Images
  • Performance Analysis: Full Show uploaded for Review

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