What to expect?

No matter the size of the room we discreetly record your performance and other nuances of the night
and tastefully edit it into a social ready video delivered straight to your inbox.


per month
  • From €350

    (Per Session)
  • Have your performance recorded from one angle fixed on you.
  • Stereo audio recording from either the sound desk or room mics.
  • Choose your favourite song and have it processed and delivered straight to your inbox


per month
  • From €470

    (Per Session)
  • Have your event recorded from two unique camera angles pointed at the stage.
  • Mix from the sound desk and room recorders to get a more accurate representation of the sound.
  • We splice in some details and candid moments from on and off stage, to create a punchier video.


per month
  • From €950

    (Per Session)
  • Using a three person crew we shoot and record your event from multiple angles for a more engaging and dynamic video.
  • Have your show multi-tracked to get the maximum control and audio quality.
  • We document your entire day and craft an authentic visual story centred around your music.

What is included in each package

Camera Operators: One camera and one operator Two cameras and one operator Four cameras and two operator
Sound: Stereo room recording or patch form desk Desk patch mixed with room mics Show multi-tracked and one song professionally mixed.
Titles: Basic Selection of licensed fonts Custom designed titles
Colour Grade: B&W or no grade Basic colour correction and camera matching Cinematic colour grade
Edit: Tweaking & delivery of one song Basic two camera edit of one song with b-roll and detail shots. Highly refined edit w/ an emphasis on conveying the emotion of the music, the personalities of the performers and the candid rarely seen moments
Photos: X X Uncompressed high-res images available
Cinematic camera Movement: X X Master angle and audio of entire show made available
Full performance Analysis: X X Camera sliders and kinetic movement

Don’t see what you need? Get in touch to create a custom package.