What is included in each package

Our live session packages are highly versatile yet very affordable, it doesn’t matter if its a choreo-
graphed dance video, an acapella performance or a piano recital. We can record your live performance and tastefully edit it to compliment your music. Check out our packages below.


per month
  • From €300

    (Per Song)
  • Great for singer-songwriters & other artists working on a tight budget.
  • Quick turnaround so you begin promoting your music right away.
  • Allows for a more up close and intimate recording that resonates with fans & viewers.
  • Highly collaborative session, that gives the artist the opportunity to unleash their inner creativity.


per month
  • From €550

    (Per Session)
  • Works well for small ensembles (4 musicians max) that want a little more control over their sound and instrumentation.
  • A cost-effective way to keep your fans engaged between releases.
  • By using more than one camera we can show extra perspectives and in turn, make the video more engaging.
  • Our most popular package


per month
  • From €1100

    (Per Session)
  • Two cameramen with multiple cameras allows us to create a faster more dynamic live video. Great for big bands (8 musicians max) and high energy music.
  • A highly produced video worth sharing that can help you to gain the right attention.
  • Gives you full control over your sound – Ideal for full bands and recording artists that need maximum production levels.
  • Highly efficient session, allowing you more time to concentrate on your performance.

What is included in each package

Camera Operators: One camera and one operator One camera operator w/ two cameras and equipment. Four cameras and two operators
Live Sound: Stereo recording direct to camera 6 channel external recorder Live sound engineer with a 16 channel recorder (Upgrade available)
Audio Post: Levels are adjusted for broadcast. Basic mix Professionally mixed by an engineer.
Video Editing: Light edits & tweaks Basic two camera edit Full offline edit with a cinematic color grade
Lighting: Natural light/House lights Basic scene lighting. All performers lit individually
Photos: X X Assistance available on request.
Social Media Trailers: X X Sixty-second trailer /preview of your video. Optimized for Instagram and Facebook.

Don’t see what you need? Get in touch to create a custom package.