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Under the banner of Ambiguous Fiddle, two friends from West Cork, Ireland use film to document artists’ stories and performance in a way that compliments the performer, yet tugs the viewer to look in through new angles on the craft and persona of each artist. With a strong belief that the stars are truly underground, the pair are dedicated to creating a level playing field for emerging artists by providing industry level videos and showcasing them alongside established artists such as, Ireland’s Glen Hansard, Australia’s Mama Kin, Canada’s Mo Kenney, Scotland’s Rachel Sermanni, and America’s Rachel Ries.

  • Motivation for Artists - Motivation for Artists We all struggle from time to time and these videos have inspired me immensely over the years. I tend to revisit them whenever I feel lost or […]
  • Floating Home from Baltimore - For generations artists have been escaping to West Cork; what starts off as a short break often stretches into something more, with many never fully leaving and as a direct […]

Most Popular Packages

We offer many options to capture your live performances all the way from pre-production to post-production. Below you can see our most popular video package deals, ranging from fairly simple setup shots with one camera all the way up to shooting high quality 4k footage with multiple cameras and cinematic lighting. Visit the Services page to learn more and to create custom packages to exactly suit your needs.

DSLR Package

per month
  • Resolution: HD
  • Lighting: In-House
  • Cameras: 1
  • Sound: Stereo from Camera
  • Colour: B&W or No Grade
  • Edit: Basic Tweaks

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Full Frame Package

per month
  • Resolution: Ultra HD
  • Lighting: In-House
  • Cameras: 2
  • Sound: Desk Mixed Room Mics
  • Colour: Basic Colour Correction
  • Edit: Basic 2 Camera Edit

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Cinematic Package

per month
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Lighting: Cinematic
  • Cameras: 4
  • Sound: Multi Tracked & Mixed
  • Colour: Cinematic Colour Grade
  • Edit: Cinematic

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